Our Story

We don’t just enjoy setting our creativity loose on the world, we thrive on it!​​

Most know us as playwrights, and that’s a badge we wear with great honor and joy, but in reality, we’re do so much more. We just can’t seem to keep the many people that live in our heads quiet and all this chaos ensues on a daily basis.
One day we’re working on our new musical, “Freedom Ring” (more on this soon, we’re so excited about it) … then, next thing we know, we’re writing a new web series comedy and planning how to get the animation for it done.

The next day, we’re doing silly video’s for our new Patreon account. Later that evening we’re on the phone with “Moe”, who keeps our businesses going and our works protected, and we’re creating really intricate web-based solution concepts for other companies.

Let’s face it, if we did the same thing day in and day out, those people who live in our heads might go even more insane than they already are ;).
So anyway, we’re Judith Sapperstein and Gary Murway … and … well … “Moe” (her name’s actually Tracy, but Gary has a bad habit of renaming everyone lol).
We’ve been together since 1980 with a bit of a hiatus in between, and we’ve been performing together and writing together ever since.

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